Who We are and What We Do

Osborne Pro Wash, LLC is your Local Soft-Washing & Power Washing Professional in Maineville, Ohio!. We have served thousands of happy customers in the area. We use professional equipment, solutions, and processes to properly and safely clean your property.

We SOFT-Wash the ugly and unsightly algae, dirt, grime, spiderwebs, etc… from the gutters to the ground and everything in between. We NEVER use high pressure from a pressure washer to clean your house and always use the appropriate amount of pressure on your other surfaces, such as driveways, sidewalks, & patios.

Our Services Include




A basic Whole House Soft-Wash, from OPW, includes:

– outside of gutters
– downspouts
– soffits
– trim
– all siding (including brick/stone)
– garage door
– front door

Concrete Cleaning
– Treated with cleaning solutions to kill the algae and loosen the dirt & grime.
– Pressure Washed with a rotating surface cleaner to prevent wand marks and etching.

As always, Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

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