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If your house is looking old, grimy or dirty, or you’d just like it to be freshened up, Osborne Pro Wash can help.

As you probably know, a pressure washer in the wrong hands can easily cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Using high pressure to clean any surface used in the construction of your home can be very dangerous. Our external house washing procedure uses professional cleaning equipment to remove algae and dirt completely. We use only eco friendly products to leave your house looking great after every wash. Whether your house is a multi-story mansion or a cozy cottage, Osborne Pro Wash exterior house washing service will have your home looking its best.

A clean and refreshed house also increases its value. A clean house is crucial when selling or renting your property, as the exterior is the first impression potential buyers and renters will see. Increase the value on your home with a professional pre-listing or pre-sale house washing.

Trusted & Experienced

Since so many years of experience and certified professionals, we have worked happily with so many clients. Staff is well trained and experienced to do the cleaning jobs perfectly and professionally.

Health and Safety

Proper protective clothing and equipment are provided to staff as appropriate and as far as possible all cleaning materials used are non-toxic and biodegradable for the safety of both staff and customers.

Reliable & Fully Insured

All of our employees are subject to a background check and vetted and approved by our management. The Company carries insurance to cover any damage that could occur whilst clean customer premises

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We do the quality of work and 100% client satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason we do not meet the standards expected of us, our policy is to rectify any failing at no charge to our customer (or refund the charge for the work).

Tailored Services

As the structure of property and requirement of every client is different, so we work according to clients requirement. We give them our advice as what can be best for them.

Free Quotes

We always ready to help our customers. Talk to our professionals to get the exact quotes without any additional charges for cleaning services. No compulsion to get the services from our company only.

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As you probably know, a pressure washer in the wrong hands can easily cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Using high pressure to clean any surface used in the construction of your home can be very dangerous. You might be overlooking the major advantages of hiring a professional power washing company. Consider these reasons to let the professionals handle the hard work:

Increases Your Home’s Value

Professional House wash gives a refreshed look to your home and removes any dirt, mold or mildew build-up on exterior walls. It increases the value of your home if you are in the market to sell or looking to rent it to others.

Professional Equipment

Washing your house without proper equipment can damage the exterior of your house. A professional pressure washing company has the most modern, advanced professional equipment available on the market today. They properly check every area of your house before washing and utilize the required water pressure to clean.

Avoid Damages

As the structure of every house is different so is making sure the right process is used to wash the house. Professionals take care of the exterior of your house, siding, windows and door seals, etc. Professional power washing equipment is powerful and, if used without the proper knowledge and experience to safely operate it, could cause injury to you or damage to your home.

Environmental Safe

Professionals only use eco-friendly products for house washing. They thoroughly clean your home and eliminate contaminants without causing damage to your home and the environment.

Save Your Precious time

House washing is not an easy task and it requires lots of time to properly wash the house. Even after spending all that time, you will not get the desired results. A professional power washing team is certified and trained to complete pressure washing jobs efficiently, safely and thoroughly. Leave the pressure washing to Osborne Pro Wash so you can concentrate on other important things.

It doesn’t matter if you have never power washed your home before. Osborne Pro Wash is a leading and professional house washing company and our team will come to your home with everything needed to perform the service, saving you a major hassle of renting or purchasing equipment, cleaners and safety gear.


Every house is designed differently, some houses are multi-story mansions or some are cozy cottages. It can be very dangerous while doing house washing for mutli-story houses and even then, there can be some area where it is nearly to impossible to reach without proper safety equipment. So leave the job to the professionals, they have the expertise to clean such areas safely and effectively.

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